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Who are We?

Did you know that the YMCA is an equal opportunities unisex organisation?  The �M� in its title does not adequately describe it, as girls and ladies are just as welcome as boys and men.

Mendip YMCA is a fully autonomous independent local charity that has to be self-funded and receives no financial support from a national body.  Through affiliation we are part of the YMCA � a worldwide Christian movement operating in over 120 countries, as one of the largest youth and community welfare charities.

Mendip YMCA, with its main base in Wells, Somerset, covers the whole of the Mendip area � Frome, Shepton Mallet, Glastonbury, Street, Wells and surrounding villages.

Our project work has an emphasis on young people, helping them to grow in confidence, develop as individuals and realise their full potential.

So What do We do throughout the Mendip District?


1. Accommodation and Support
is offered through a network of schemes to vulnerable young people � aged 16-25 years � who are either homeless, threatened with homelessness, faced with �sleeping rough�, or needing support to sustain their accommodation.  The schemes are as follows:

Emergency Accommodation � up to 7 nights temporary accommodation provided in family homes, with support given by YMCA staff to secure permanent accommodation, help with associated issues and liaise with other agencies.

Family Mediation Scheme � Pilot scheme aiming to reduce the number of 16-25 year olds becoming homeless.  The worker will meet with young people and their families to help them plan a way forward, enabling young people to remain at home until ready to �move-on� in a planned way.


Move-On Scheme � an updated weekly list of rented property for young people to access.  A good number of landlords are registered on the scheme and they are offered support and advice and an opportunity to meet together in a �Landlord�s Forum�.

Resettlement Support Scheme: � The scheme receives referrals from Referral Agencies for 16-25 year olds who are homeless and in need of support.  Support is wide ranging and will include help with finding and securing accommodation, setting up home and assisting with the transition to independent living.  Sometimes ongoing support is needed to help the client maintain their tenancy.  Care-Leavers are also supported.

Deposit Scheme � a �guarantee� against damage and theft can be offered to landlords in cases where a young person is on a low income and does not have cash available for a deposit.

Spencer House � 8 bed supported housing projects in Wells.  Project staff help young people prepare for living independently and accessing move on accommodation.

Frome Foyer � 13 flatlets - Staff provide housing and ongoing support for 16-25 year olds.  The Foyer provides a stepping stone to independent living with comprehensive support to assist young people with basic life skills and help to access training, education, employment and other learning opportunities.

 2. Routes

Routes is currently delivered in partnership with Connexions Somerset.  The project enables direct access to information, advice, support and learning opportunities for young people from 1a Palmer Street, Frome (at the Foyer).

 3. At The Old Glasshouse (Mendip YMCA) Wells

Coffee Shop � The Coffee Shop offers Espresso coffee/Cappuccino, teas, home-made cakes, light snacks, salads and home-made lunches:
from 9.45 am � 3.30 pm Monday to Thursday and 10.30 am � 1.30 pm on Fridays (but closed on the last Friday of each month).


Meeting Rooms (with basic equipment) for Hire (at reasonable rates) at The Old Glasshouse in Wells and the Foyer in Frome


 4. Further Projects


Schools Work � delivering sessions to year 11 students to prevent homelessness and raise awareness.


Is any help needed�..?

It most certainly is!  We are always requiring more resources to enable the work to be undertaken � Volunteers, financial donations and Committee members. 

If you would like more information, please contact us at: 

Mendip YMCA
The Old Glasshouse, South Street, Wells, BA5 1SL
Tel 01749 679553
e-mail:   [email protected]