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About us

We are Terry, Chris, Emma, Izzy, Abi, Emz, Joe, Karl, Megan, Henry, Holly, Sophie, Cara, Izzy G & Brett

A Youth Council is a junior version of the town council. We talk about issues that affect young people in Frome and report to the town council. You must be between 10 and 21 to join. If you are interested in finding out more, email us at
[email protected] or call 01373 452298.
Our next meeting is on 22nd May 2007,the meeting starts at 7pm at Frome Community College.

We have worked with the council to make changes to the play equipment in the Mary Bailey playing fields. The first phase of this equipment was installed in August 2006. 

We organise different events like the volunteer day held in the Merlin Theatre and we fund and help with Music Mayhem held at the Youth centre. 

On the 11th May 2006 we met with David Heath (our MP) and Sir Menzies Campbell(the leader of the Liberal Democrats) and put our views to them. 

Members of the youth council have travelled to Liverpool and London representing us at various events. 

We have decided that the following will be our policy in 2007 -  

To set up a youth cafe in Frome

To work on youth ideas for the Frome Festival and book acts

To continue to work on phase 2 of the park project

Continue to give grants to youth projects

Investigate the possibility of more indoor sports facilities and concessions to places such as the gym.

To continue to work with the local council  

To campaign for cheaper fares for young people



Minutes of the Youth Council Meeting

Wednesday 18th April 2007
























Treasurers Report


�883.07 in the account at the present time.


Trip 11th May


The trip to Lazer Quest will take place on 11th May leaving the town centre at 6pm returning approx. 10.30pm.


Youth Caf�


Cath to do voting slips and distribute to tutor groups. A company offered to make a banner for the caf� once the name is decided. Cath to chase grant money, once this is through the equipment will be purchased and the youth council can do some trial runs.




Abi had a letter from the Merlin and Rugby thanking the Youth council for its support.




Still no letter from the chair, Abi to write letter, Izzy said she would call them, Youth Council also wanted details of the event in July.





Cath to contact The Frome Public Transport Users Association to see if the Youth Council can join in with them to put pressure on the operators to reduce fares.




Darren would like volunteer hours returned � Cath to send, he would also like to do a street safe session with the group. Members suggested this was done at the next meeting, Cath to contact Darren.




Cath was too old to sign up for this!!! Terry said he would deal with application. A discussion was had about what kind of project to apply for and it was decided to try and run a Street safety project with any funding received, Terry to do the proposal.




Cath spoke about the positive activities opportunities for young people to be part of the new county website by composing music, radio jingles, web design etc. Cath also asked for details of which shops people would like vouchers for. There may be some new members joining soon.


Date of next meeting


22nd May and 18th June.